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In 06 Scripture & Theology on 2011/04/18 at 9:06 PM

In order to acquire knowledge effectively, one needs to follow a certain logical order. First come the facts (knowledge), which you must seek to understand.  Once understood, in order to make it practical, you need to apply it to yourself.  For deeper understanding, it is essential  first take the content apart (analysis) and then re-assemble it, (synthesis) in order to decide its moral, ethical or practical value (evaluation).

Following are some questions in the Scriptural realm:


KNOWLEDGE: Who exactly was he?

UNDERSTANDING: What was his mission, his role?

APPLICATION: What can we learn from him?

ANALYSIS: What is his place in salvation history?

SYNTHESIS: How is he a link between the Old and New Testament?

EVALUATION: How did he fulfill his role? What did Jesus think of him?


KNOWLEDGE: What was his station in life?

UNDERSTANDING: Why did he come to Jesus?

APPLICATION: What great lesson do we learn through him?

ANALYSIS: What concept did he originally fail to grasp?

SYNTHESIS: How did he act later?

EVALUATION: What lesson does he give? What did Jesus think of him?


KNOWLEDGE: Who was she?

UNDERSTANDING: What was she seeking?

APPLICATION: What can we learn from her?

ANALYSIS: What was her role in saving others?

SYNTHESIS: What did she receive?

EVALUATION: What role did she play in salvation history? What did Jesus think of her?


KNOWLEDGE: Why this one?

UNDERSTANDING: How did Jesus handle the situation?

APPLICATION: How should we deal with accusers?

ANALYSIS: What admonition did our Lord give her (and us)?

SYNTHESIS: What point did Christ make ?

EVALUATION: What do you think she should have done? What did Jesus think of her?


KNOWLEDGE: How did this blind man get cured?

UNDERSTANDING: What transformations did he undergo?

APPLICATION: Do we really see or do we have cataracts?

ANALYSIS: How many forms of blindness were evident?

SYNTHESIS:How did he handle the priests and teachers of the law?

EVALUATION: How did he testify for Christ to them? What did Jesus think of him?


KNOWLEDGE: What was the relationship between Lazarus and Christ?

UNDERSTANDING: Why did Christ wait to go to him when he was ill?

APPLICATION: What does this tell us about God’s timing and plans?

ANALYSIS:  Why did Jesus command him by name?

SYNTHESIS:  What were the concepts on afterlife?

EVALUATION: What would have been his “living” testimony? What did Jesus think of him?


KNOWLEDGE: What was his position?

UNDERSTANDING: What were his main concerns?

APPLICATION: Did he give our Lord a fair trial and sentence?

ANALYSIS: What does his appeasement reveal of his character?

SYNTHESIS: How did deal with the Jews and Christ?

EVALUATION: How is TRUTH recognized?  What did Jesus think of Pilate?

CONTRAST: Jesus & Barabbas, Peter & Judas, Pilate & Nicodemus


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