1. INDEX has a list of all articles posted.  So far  by 6/20/13 a total of  616 have been posted, and you can access any of them simply by clicking on the title.

2.At the bottom of the HOME PAGE you will find:
SEARCH permits you to look up an article by key words.
ARCHIVES & CATEGORIES displays a list of all articles by CATEGORY.
RECENT POSTS provides a list of articles posted during the last 30 days.  View an article simply clicking the title.
3. To view the full version of any one of the three articles, just click on its title.
And, clicking the set Title (Truth to Ponder) from any page on the site will take you back to the Home page where the three most recent articles are displayed
4. Please add truthtoponder.com to your address book, so we’ll be sure to land in your inbox!
If  you would like to unsubscribe, just reply to this e-mail and type UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.
For questions or problems, please contact me at truthtoponder@carolina.rr.com
Thank you for your support,
Barbara Reagan

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