Modern Times Classics

In 14 Book Corner on 2011/04/17 at 12:08 AM

Tolstoy, Count Leo ANNA KARENINA (The tragic consequences of a woman's decision in 1870's Russia)


The Cypresses Believe in God: Spain on the Eve of Civil War

Gironella, Jose Maria THE CYPRESSES BELIEVE IN GOD ( Spain, during the period of the Republic, from 1931 to outbreak of the devastating Civil War, 1936)


Collins and LaPierre O JERUSALEM (The gaining of independance of the State of Israel: the story of the Arab-Israeli struggle for possession of Jerusalem from 1948 to the Six Day War in 1967; a history of Israel as a nation with a discussion of the religious significance of the Holy City from both Moslem and Judaic perspectives.






















One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich

Solzenythsn, Alexander ONE DAY IN THE LIFE OF IVAN DENISOVICH (Struggle for life in a Stalinist labor camp)


Solzentisyn, Alexander THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO (The pathetic life of inmates in the slave labor camps of the Stalin era)



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