Bishop Sheen’s Life of Christ

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LIFE OF CHRIST by Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Ignatius Press.

There are two version: one with 480 pages; another with 658 pages.  The longer one is recommended because it contains valuable materials for Catholics.

This book has been hailed as the most eloquent of Fulton Sheen’s writings.  It is the product of many years of prayer, daily devotions and scholarly research.  This brilliant scholar recounts all the major incidents in the life of Christ: not only in their historical content, but with deep and insightful comments on their theological significance and their practical application.  Christ is its constant focus and is shown as the Incarnate Son on God, prophet, teacher and healer who brought salvation into the world then and throughout the ages

“It was not so much that His birth cast a shadow on His life, and led to His death,” writes Sheen. “It was rather that the Cross was there from the beginning, and it cast its shadow backward to his birth.”

Bishop Sheen’s historical, philosophical and sagacious insights as well as his probing into the motives and hearts of a myriad of persons in the life of Christ present timeless lessons for the reader.

You will always be grateful for having read this book: a book which has also inspired countless others to live the inspirations gain from this great narrative of the Saviour and His motivating love for each person.

I have personally led several studies of the Life of Christ (for Catholics, Anglicans and Episcopalians), using the outstanding narrative presented by Bishop Sheen.  He has become a favorite of the participants, who treasure the book as a guide and a source: one to be read and re-read.


Sheen, Fulton LIFE OF CHRIST.  Ignatius Press.



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