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Catholic Heritage – Host: Joanna Bogle and Tim Matthews

In 15 Audio on 2015/04/17 at 12:00 AM

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1. St. Thomas More
Host – Joanna Bogle cat01.mp3
2. Catholic Pub Crawl
Host – Joanna Bogle cat02.mp3
3. The Dales & St. James of Compostela
Host – Tim Matthews & Joanna Bogle cat03.mp3
4. St. Edmund Campion
Host – Joanna Bogle cat04.mp3
5. St. Anne, St. Albans, The Hampshire Pilgrim Route
Host – Joanna Bogle & Tim Matthews cat05.mp3
6. St. John Fisher; Westminster Abbey
Host – Joanna Bogle cat06.mp3
7. St. Etheldreda
Host – Joanna Bogle cat07.mp3
8. Colchester; St. Albans
Host – Joanna Bogle & Margaret Harris cat08.mp3
9. Illustrious Converts
Host – Joanna Bogle with Madeleine Beard cat09.mp3
10. Fernyhalgh
Host – Joanna Bogle with Fr. Benedict Ruscillo cat10.mp3
11. Blessed Dominic Barberi
Host – Joanna Bogle cat11.mp3
12. Chislehurst; Spanish Place
Host – Joanna Bogle cat12.mp3
13. Durham; Wardour Castle
Host – Tim Matthews cat13.mp3
14. Exeter and Crediton; St. Margaret Clitherow
Host – Tim Matthews & Joanna Bogle cat14.mp3

Two Converts

In 11 Joanna Bogle on 2011/07/04 at 6:34 AM

A while back, Joanna Bogle wrote about two now famous converts.

“Dr Scott Hahn has been among the speakers this weekend, talking about Saints John Fisher and Thomas More, and particularly emphasising the scholarship of each of these remarkable men, and the contribution they made to culture and learning even apart from their martyrdoms…..I had not really thought of this before, never having read any of Fisher’s works, and only knowing some of More’s letters. Fisher was something of a Ratzinger figure in his day, a brilliant mind given to the service of the Church, deep in theological knowledge which he communicated well.

Dwight Longenecker, soon to be ordained a priest, is an old friend and we have worked together on various projects over the years. He trained at a very anti-Catholic Evangelical college here in the USA, but went on to think things through for himself and, loving all things English, was ordained as an Anglican and eventually became vicar of a parish on the Isle of Wight, with an English wife and the care of an enchanting old church rich in history……but the pull of truth was strong and he and his family eventually became Catholics……after an odyssey which saw him writing a number of excellent books, and becoming well known as a speaker and writer, he is now back in the USA – and becoming a Catholic priest and a school chaplain near the College where he was initially trained! He has given a excellent lecture here this weekend, explaining the history of Christianity in Britain, going back to Roman times – with illustrations from his former parish on the Isle of Wight, showing features from the different eras of our history…”

Fr. Longenecker is now a pastor in South Carolina.  He speaks often at Belmont Abbey in North Carolina.