Catholic Heritage – Host: Joanna Bogle and Tim Matthews

In 15 Audio on 2015/04/17 at 12:00 AM

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Program Name Audio File Name – Click to download
1. St. Thomas More
Host – Joanna Bogle cat01.mp3
2. Catholic Pub Crawl
Host – Joanna Bogle cat02.mp3
3. The Dales & St. James of Compostela
Host – Tim Matthews & Joanna Bogle cat03.mp3
4. St. Edmund Campion
Host – Joanna Bogle cat04.mp3
5. St. Anne, St. Albans, The Hampshire Pilgrim Route
Host – Joanna Bogle & Tim Matthews cat05.mp3
6. St. John Fisher; Westminster Abbey
Host – Joanna Bogle cat06.mp3
7. St. Etheldreda
Host – Joanna Bogle cat07.mp3
8. Colchester; St. Albans
Host – Joanna Bogle & Margaret Harris cat08.mp3
9. Illustrious Converts
Host – Joanna Bogle with Madeleine Beard cat09.mp3
10. Fernyhalgh
Host – Joanna Bogle with Fr. Benedict Ruscillo cat10.mp3
11. Blessed Dominic Barberi
Host – Joanna Bogle cat11.mp3
12. Chislehurst; Spanish Place
Host – Joanna Bogle cat12.mp3
13. Durham; Wardour Castle
Host – Tim Matthews cat13.mp3
14. Exeter and Crediton; St. Margaret Clitherow
Host – Tim Matthews & Joanna Bogle cat14.mp3


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