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Catholicism: The Heart of History

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1. The Roman Imperium and Christendom: Constantine, Justinian and Charlemagne
Host – Joanna & James Bogle
History of the spread of Christianity and Catholicism through the Roman Empire and it’s subsequent fall to the Franks – Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III.
2. The Roman Pontiff & Emperor: Keystones to the Commonwealth of Christ
Host – Joanna & James Bogle
In Pagan Rome the Emperor was also the head of the pagan church and had the title “Pontifax.” The Church changed the word from Pontifax to Pontiff. The Christian Holy Roman Emperor and the Pontiff were a support for one another – the Pope would approve and crown the Emperor and support the idea of the “Divine Right of Kings, while the Emperor would support and protect the Church.”
3. The Knights Templar and Hospitaller
Host – Joanna & James Bogle
Order of Knights created to serve the Church during the Crusades to protect pilgrims and Catholic Christian Churches in the Holy Land from Muslim invaders.
4. The Inquisition: Medieval, Spanish and Roman: What’s the Real Story?
Host – Joanna & James Bogle
The Roman inquisition was quite different from the Spanish and in fact was quite mild in comparison. The purpose was to root out heresy and protect the doctrines and deposit of Faith of the Church. In Spain, the State was experiencing cases where false converts, particularly from Islam, were trying to infiltrate and overthrow the Monarchy.
5. Spain, England & America: The Black Legend, True or False?
Host – Joanna & James Bogle
The Tears of the Indians, a book published in England, claimed that the Spanish explorers and settlers of the New World were exploiting and forcing the American natives to convert to Catholicism. This was propaganda aimed at denouncing the Catholic Church and the Spanish Monarchy as well.
6. Galileo: The Church and Science
Host – Joanna & James Bogle
Galileo was asked to refrain from speaking about his agreement with the Copernican view of the Universe. The Church and the Pope never said that Copernicus theory was wrong, rather the Church wanted to avoid confusion for those who would not understand the change from a Ptolemaic view to a Copernican view of the universe. Almost all of the scientific discoveries of the age were made possible through the Universities established by the Church.
7. The Protestant Reformation and How The People of England Opposed it
Host – Joanna & James Bogle
8. The English Civil War: What Really Happened?
Host – Joanna & James Bogle
9. The Enlightenment and the Suppression of the Jesuits
Host – Joanna & James Bogle
10. The French Revolution and the Destruction of Christendom
Host – Joanna & James Bogle
11. The Counter-revolution in France & Austria
Host – Joanna & James Bogle
12. 1848 to WWI: The Rise of Secularism, Nationalism & Totalitarianism
Host – Joanna & James Bogle
13. The Church in the 20th Century
Host – Joanna & James Bogle