Devotional Poems by Jackie Duick

In 07 Observations on 2016/03/04 at 12:00 AM

Heavenly MOTHER

Our Heavenly Mother gives love to us on earth,

just as She gave Christ birth;

We will always be Her loving child,

She will always treat us tender and mild ;

Angels in Heaven bow to her,

She makes the love within us stir;

As She gathers us to her breast,

unto God She leaves the rest;

Heavenly Mother above I adore thee,

and pray for your love to guide me.


I sit before my Lord in quiet prayer,

there is a gentle stillness in the air;

I talk to Him with my mind,

knowing His presence will be a gentle kind;

I pray I will be led to do His will,

but to find out how I must be still;

He touches my heart with peace and love,

that can only be sent from above;

So put your trust in our Lord in prayer,

and for your sake He will always be there.


           THE TONGUE 

The strongest muscle in our body would surprise us all,

the tongue is the thing that can cause anyone to fall;

It can be used for good as in praise or laughter,

or it can create scares for now and ever after;

Our tongue creates gossip good or bad,

and bad gossip makes so many sad;

We don`t realize the damage that can come about,

at times it causes others to sit and pout;

So be kind in your talks about others today,

and omit sordid feelings and send the away.


          3 AM HOUR

It`s the 3 AM hour in the middle of the night,

said to be Satan`s hour what a fright;

Why is he angry this evil soul,

because Jesus rose at that hour when He made us all whole;

Satan thought he won when Jesus died on the cross,

but alas at 3 AM Satan`s at a loss;

For Jesus has risen at this timely hour,

and Satan knows he`s lost power;

For Jesus has risen at His chosen time,

to let mankind know you are mine.

Heavenly Love

When I go to sleep at night,

Angels are there to tuck me tight;

Stars are shinning from above,

Angels giving me Heavenly love;

Moon shines bright to guide their way,

leading the Angels here to stay;

In the morning when I awake,

I thank God for His partake;

As the day time moves along,

it brings the night time with a song;

As our Heavenly Mother looks down on us,

love is sprinkled like stardust;

God is deep within my heart,

and I know we`ll never part.


What if we could rise out of our body and look down from above,

and fly through the air just like a dove;

Would we see history fly by,

as we soar about the sky;

Would we see the future of our life,

and would it cause us great strife;

Would we want to come back and be grounded again,

if we did so would we remember where we`ve been;

Outside of time could be a great adventure,

but is it really worth trying you have to be sure;

Cause to be stuck outside of time,

could disturb your peace of mind.


What can I say about death that scares us all,

we all at sometime await the dreaded fall;

Whether it be family, friend or me,

we don`t know when the time will be;

Sometimes it`s unexpected this twist of fate,

that will put us in front of St. Peter`s Gate;

We can only pray and morn for the ones who die,

and wipe the tear from our eye;

In our hearts they will always stay,

as we go about our normal way;

What awaits us all we do not know,

but we long for Heaven when we go;

We want to soar on gossamer wings,

as we hear the song the Angel sings.


Jackie Duick





Pen in my hand to create a line,

and I will try to make it rhyme;

Thoughts come to me and go,

what I may write next I do not know;

So many topics come to mind,

it`s a wonderful way to spend my time;

I can go to a world of make believe,

and with words in and out I can weave;

Some tell a story some do not,

what ever I create it is all my thought;

So sit back and enjoy a poem that is written,

and you just might be smitten.


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