Did Mary Have Other Children?

In 14 Book Corner on 2011/07/17 at 6:39 AM

“She certainly did.  Millions and millions of them!  But not according to the flesh.  He alone was born of her flesh; the rest of us were born of her spirit.    She would beget Jesus in joy in a stable, but he could beget us only on Calvary.”  p. 126

“Flesh allows for only one mother . . . but Spirit allows another mother.  Since Mary is the Mother of God, then she can be the Mother of everyone whom Christ redeemed. The Key to understanding Mary is this: We do not start with Mary.  We start with Christ, the Son of the Living God. . . . It is her Son that who makes her motherhood different. . . . We did not choose Mary; He did.”  p. 63

Now, “[A]t the Last Supper, He had made His last Will and Testament, giving us that which no on dying no man can was ever able to give, namely, Himself in the Holy Eucharist”

On the Cross, He “adds a codicil: He gave us His Mother.”  p. 74

“Mary was present at three births: that of John the Baptist, her Divine Son, and ours at the Cross.”  p.36

“Any objection to calling her the ‘Mother of God’ is fundamentally an objection to the Deity of Christ.” p.70

“At Cana, Jesus . . . changed her name from Mother to Woman, the significance of which does not become clear until the Cross.” p. 125

Note: Many have never known the sweetness of the natural mother’s love, but everyone can experience that unfathomable love of Mary, our supernatural, God-given Mother.

Sheen, Fulton THE WORLD’S FIRST LOVE.  Ignatius Press. http://www.ignatius.com/Products/CategoryCenter.aspx?SearchTerm=The+world’s+first+love


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