Note to a Worried Friend

In 07 Observations on 2011/07/15 at 12:14 PM

The past is memory; the future, imagination.  We have only the present, and it is only in the present that we receive the grace we need to cope.  We do not receive grace to cope with our imaginary worries for the future.  If and when what we worry about comes to pass, then it will be in that present that we will be given the graces we need.

We can only offer God the present, today.  And, we need to sanctify each day, heeding the many inspirations and graces which He sends us throughout the day.  We need to concentrate on what we are doing.  Sanctity results by being faithful in details, in everyday things, in actions which might seem irrelevant were they not vivified by grace.

Hope is a virtue that is essential to our sanity.  We need it most when we are in difficult situations or have serious problems.  It helps us to focus on eternal values so as not to become disoriented.  St. John Chrysostom always gave practical as well as spiritual advice: ” One needs not only to be able to hold out but to have a stable, solid confidence, which is firmly grounded on faith, so as never to be overcome by difficulties.” (Homily on Hebrews 5)

God will always be there at the right time (although it may be in secret and mysterious ways).  Do not abandon Him: He does not abandon you.  Mother Teresa used to say:  “God speaks to us in the silence of our hearts.”  So, listen with the ears of your heart.

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