Your Triple-Eye

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St. Bonaventure posited that we were meant to have triple vision. Here follow his thoughts as distilled from his writings by Sr. Ilia Delio, OFM:

“In paradise the human person was endowed with a ‘triple’ eye: the eye of the flesh, of reason and of contemplation. . . . [The] eye of flesh, to see things outside creation; the eye  of reason, to see the things within; the eye of contemplation, to see things above.

. . . Every aspect of creation is like a reflecting pool of the divine…..Sin distorted the triple eye of the human person . . . strange blindness . . . blinded . . . unless grace with justice come . . . through Jesus Christ. It is Christ alone who restores the true light of knowledge so that the beauty of creation may be seen in proper relation to God and, indeed, may lead us to God.

Since the created world is finite, one must enter within the human soul created in the image of God which has the capacity for the infinite God. It is here that one finds a ground of loving relationship with God. . . . God dwells deep within the center of the soul. The degree to which one enters into this relationship depends on how open one is to knowing God and to knowing oneself in God.

Bonaventure believed that there is a light within the human soul that enables one to know things with certainty: it is a divine light which illuminates the truth of things and allows one to judge the certitude of things . . . a light which shines within the soul and penetrates one’ whole being . . . because of this light humans have knowledge of things they have never experienced.

Bonaventure held that within the human soul are eternal reasons that enable the human person to know the truth of God, and the truth of the things of God.  It is an inner light “from above: that shines on the human soul and illumines it. . . . It is the light of truth that regulates and motivates human reason and enable one to know things as true and certain.

Through transformation in Christ the triple eye of the human person is restored. One sees the truth of all reality, and in seeing rightly one loves rightly . . . deeper love of God, neighbor . . .”

Delio, Ilia SIMPLY BONAVENTURE New City Press.



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