Bonaventure on Heart of Jesus

In 07 Observations on 2011/07/01 at 12:18 PM

From the Sacred Heart of Jesus comes the infinite He has for each and every person regardless of any or all circumstances in his life.  The loving heart of Jesus searches for us, to give us His love.  We have been entrusted to Him for our salvation and He looks for us no matter how badly or far we have strayed.  He loves us more than anyone ever has our could; He died for us, He died that we might live.

In keeping with the above observations, listen to what St. Bonaventure observed centuries ago: “It is strange that given the fact that God is so close to the soul, so few are concerned with perceiving God within themselves.  Distracted by cares, clouded by sense images, drawn away by concupiscence, the soul cannot renter into its self as image of God.  It lies fallen, immersed in the things of sense, in need of someone to lift it up so that it can see its true self as image of God, with the eternal Truth shining within itself.  Christ has come and lifted the soul, restoring the fallen Image.  Eternal Truth itself took on human form in Christ and became a ladder, restoring the first ladder that had been broken in Adam.    Thorough Christ the spiritual senses are restore to the soul.”

Cousins, Ewert.  Introduction to BONAVENTURE: The Soul’s Journey to God.  Paulist Press.



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