Song For Nagasaki

In 14 Book Corner on 2011/04/11 at 12:09 PM

Today, as Japan again faces a crisis of unprecedented proportions, I would highly recommend SONG FOR NAGASAKI by Paul Glynn.  It will give you an understanding of Japan like no other book has done before.  It will help you cope with present realities.  The powerful spiritual waves emitted by this saintly man of God will reverberate through your life.  This nuclear scientist’s message of hope and trust in God was so powerful that he has become the unofficial patron saint of Japan.

When the bed-ridden Takashi Nagai wrote THE BELLS OF NAGASAKI, it consoled the Japanese people and gave them hope after the tragedy of their atomic holocaust. Even Emperor Hirohito went to see him, and the Japanese people still venerate Takaski Nagai as a saint.

SONG FOR NAGASAKI is a biography of this saintly scientist, convert, and survivor of the atomic bomb.

Here follows an excerpt  from  Shusaku Endo’s Foreword to the SONG FOR NAGASAKI :

“Christians and non-Christians alike were deeply moved by Nagai’s faith in Christ that made him like Job of the Scriptures: in the midst of the nuclear wilderness he kept his heart in tranquillity and peace, neither bearing resentment against any man nor cursing God.”




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