Missing a Body?

In 13 History on 2011/04/09 at 8:15 PM

Have you ever noticed that practically in all museums in the section of Ancient Rome, there are countless of heads impaled on blocks.  Where are the corresponding bodies?

It was obligatory in Roman days that every city had a statue of the current emperor.  As the Roman Empire expanded and governing it became very difficult, there were constant changes in leadership.  At one point, as series of emperors termed the barrack emperors followed each other in dizzying succession as the army of one province chose its leader deposing  another leader from another province.

Statue sculptors could not keep up with the demands for statues, so they just make new heads and screwed them on to established bodies.  It is hard to screw  one things onto another right when they were not made for each other and thus many ‘did not have their heads screwed on right.’

Man is proportionate, and therefore, some small heads ended up on large bodies and large heads on small bodies.

When invaders  attacked, they just knocked the head off the block.


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