Devious Icelandic Raider

In 13 History on 2011/04/09 at 1:58 AM

The chieftain of an Icelandic raiding party that cruised the Mediterranean in search of booty defeated a strong walled town by a ruse.  Having been in Constantinople, he claimed to be a Christian and requested that since he was dying he wished to have a religious burial.  Dying a few days later, his disarmed men were permitted to bring his wooden coffin into the Church.  Towards the end of the long ceremony, the congregation was frightened when the corpse suddenly sat up, jumped out of the coffin, sword in hand while his men rushed in to get their swords on which the drugged chieftain had lain.  Now, awakened from deathlike dormancy, the warriors conquered easily.

Death-appearing inducement drugs were a favorite stratagem which could only be used once in an area.


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