Clever Icelandic Raiders

In 13 History on 2011/04/09 at 1:44 AM

While in Iceland, I read the Sagas of the Icelandic seamen.  One group used to Volga River as its avenue to the Mediterranean.  Having reached a walled city in the Italian peninsula, they found the walls unbreacheable.  Astute as they were, the pondered the situation.  Noting that every morning the birds who nested under the eaves of the thatched roofs flew into the nearby woods to obtains sustenance for their fledglings, they set their fowlers to catch them. Having caught a substantial number, the falconer proceeded to deposit a wad of wax with a wick onto their backs.  Setting the wick alight, the anxious birds flew back to the town and incinerated the thatched roofs.  Running out of the town for safety, the raiders strode in as conquerors.  Primitive people used their wits.


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