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“With Mary, how easy it is!”

In 01 Daily Meditations on 2014/05/16 at 12:00 AM
Before, by yourself, you couldn’t. Now, you have turned to our Lady, and, with her, how easy it is! (The Way, 513)

Children, especially when they are small, give very little thought to what they should do for their parents and are much more concerned about what they hope to get from them. As children, we tend to be very self‑interested, although our mothers, as we have already mentioned, do not seem to mind really, because they have so much love in their hearts and they love with the best kind of affection: that which gives without expecting anything in return.

The same is true of Mary… If we find there have been times when we failed to be gentle and kind towards this good Mother of ours, we should feel sorry. I ask you now, as I ask myself, how are we honouring her?

Let us return once again to our everyday experience and see how we behave with our earthly mothers. What does a mother want most of all from her children, from those who are flesh of her flesh and blood of her blood? Her greatest desire is to have them close to her. When the children grow up and it is no longer possible to have them beside her, she waits impatiently for news from them, and everything that happens to them, from the slightest illness to the most important events, concerns her deeply.

Look: in the eyes of our Mother Mary we never cease to be little, because she opens to us the way to the Kingdom of Heaven, which will only be given to those who become little children. We should never separate ourselves from Our Lady. How should we honour her? By keeping close to her, talking to her, showing her that we love her, pondering in our hearts the scenes of her life on earth and telling her about our struggles, successes and failures. (Friends of God, 289-290)

Long Married Couples’ Joy

In 14 Book Corner on 2013/01/11 at 9:20 AM

Christian marriage is constantly renewed by sacrifice…..It is the slow transfiguration of love through the experiences of a common reality. Early love does not yet see this reality, for the pull of the heart and senses bewitch it.  Only gradually does reality establish itself, when eyes have been opened to the shortcomings and failures revealed by everyday life.  She who accepts the other then, as he really is, in spite of all disappointments, who can share the joys and problems of daily life with him, just as she has shared the great experience of early love, who can walk with him before God and with God’s strength, will achieve second love, the real mystery of marriage.  This is far superior to the first love as the mature person is to the child, as the self-conquering heart is to that which simply allows itself to be conquered.  At the cost of much sacrifice and effort something greater has come into being.

Guardini, Msgr. Romano THE LORD.