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“Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

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The one essential virtue God requires of us is FAITH.  Without it, nothing has any worth or gains any merit.  And, like Our Lord’s apostles, we must ask Him to increase our faith.  In our times, this is particularly important so that we do not live in fear.  This is because we are by nature cowardly and often quite weak and fearful.   It is only by faith that we can cope with the billowing  storm clouds of our times.

Our only fear should be that of being separate from God. If we compromise on any single truth of the Creed, it will follow that we will gradual compromise on others to the point that we will end up rejecting truth/faith for the value’s of this world’s so called culture.  There are many nowadays who do not want you to reject their false ideas, and it would be imprudent of you to remain silent  when doing so would cause confusion or even scandal.  Do not retreat to your own little world, but instead challenge your erroneous ideas with the truth to transform your milieu.  Our world is in great need of living examples of faith.

Stand up for your faith.  Be a living testimony to Christ despite the ridicule today’s world heaps on you.  Our Christianity obliges us to bear witness to the Truth regardless of the consequences.  We must be prudent and charitable but never cowardly or fearful in the defense of our beliefs.  Christ Himself will give us the courage to face our difficulties.   Throughout His life, Jesus was subjected to constant tauntings, criticism, and insults which He combated with the Truth.

A life of faith is a life of sacrifice meaning sacrificially rejecting whatever prevents us doing what we know is God’s will for us.  You will be faithful in important matters  of faith is you are faithful in protecting yourself from any occasion to compromise your belief, be it a movie, an event, a conversation. Do not be alarmed or discouraged by temptations.  Pray and flee, but if you must stay, stand your ground because by defending your belief, you can be an example that wins others to Christ.    Never follow the weak and blinking light of comfort and conformity which the world advocates; instead, be guided by the principles of Him who is the Light of the world.

If we meditate on the humanity of God Incarnate, we will be nourishing our souls to be faithful, loyal and unswerving in doing God’s will.  Like His Mother, we must keep our eyes on Jesus, trusting Him completely.  Our Lady’s whole existence had the solid foundation of faith in God.  Let us ask her to show us how to grow in faith daily.


Black and Catholic

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1. When it comes to her Faith..
Host – Dolores Grier and Noah Lett
Noah Lett introduces Dolores Grier and they discuss her conversion, and how her race shaped her Catholicism.
2. What good can come from Segregation?
Host – Dolores Grier and Noah Lett
Noah and Dolores talk about the contribution of Black Americans to society and to the Catholic Church
3. Black Orders
Host – Dolores Grier and Noah Lett
Noah and Dolores talk about Black American orders.
4. One in the Mystical Body of Christ
Host – Dolores Grier and Noah Lett
Noah and Dolores talk about the cultural traditions of the Black American Catholics and how they are extremely different from the Catholic cultural traditions in Africa.
5. A Black Knight
Host – Dolores Grier and Noah Lett
Noah and Dolores talk to Colonel Reginald Grier on the telephone about his conversion and the role he plays as a Black American in the Knights of Columbus
6. Blessed Pierre Toussaint Part 1
Host – Dolores Grier and Noah Lett
Noah and Dolores discuss Blessed Pierre Toussaint with the Vice President of his cause for Canonization
7. A Traditional Conversion
Host – Dolores Grier and Noah Lett
Noah shares his conversion with Dolores, explaining that the simple traditions of the Catholic Church in America are what drew him to the Faith, and that we should have to invent some false Africanesque traditions in order to convert African Americans.
8. Black and Pro-Life
Host – Dolores Grier and Noah Lett
Noah and Dolores share the african American involvement in the pro-life movement.
9. Devotion vs Social Action
Host – Dolores Grier and Noah Lett
10. The First Black Clergy
Host – Dolores Grier and Noah Lett
Noah and Dolores talk about the struggles of the first black clergy in the United States
11. Pierre Toussaint Part 2: The Joyful Slave
Host – Dolores Grier and Noah Lett
12. The Papacy and Slavery
Host – Dolores Grier and Noah Lett
Noah and Dolores talk about how the Pope condemned slavery before the slave trade began
13. Daniel Rudd and the Emancipated Slaves
Host – Dolores Grier and Noah Lett
Noah and Dolores talk about one man who rose up to help the Emancipated Slaves come to the Catholic Church.