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Catechism and Controversies

In 15 Audio on 2015/11/27 at 12:00 AM
Catechism and Controversies
Host – Msgr. Michael Wrenn
The Catechism of the Catholic Church issued in its present form contains an authentic statement of the faith in its fullness. Unfortunately, there are those, and many are religious educators, who are already trying to subvert the teachings found in the Catechism. In a challenging and insightful way, Msgr. Michael Wrenn examines the inner workings behind the publication of the new Catechism of the Catholic Church as well as several problems found in today’s religious education efforts.

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1. Catechetical failures
Host – Msgr. Michael Wrenn
Msgr. Michael J. Wrenn looks at the ethical and moral problems found in our society and attributes them to, among other things, the failure of catholic religious educators to pass on the faith.
2. The historical context for the New Catechism
Host – Msgr. Michael Wrenn
Msgr. Michael J. Wrenn examines a number of documents and ideas that lead to the need for a new Catechism.
3. Struggles
Host – Msgr. Michael Wrenn
Msgr. Michael J. Wrenn examines the idealogical power struggle that surrounded the formation of the new Catechism.
4. The English translation
Host – Msgr. Michael Wrenn
Msgr. Michael J. Wrenn discusses some of the problems with translating the text of the new Catechism into English.
5. Commentaries
Host – Msgr. Michael Wrenn
Msgr. Michael J. Wrenn looks at the numerous commentaries written for and against the new Catechism and their impact on the Faith.
6. Scripture scholarship
Host – Msgr. Michael Wrenn
Msgr. Michael J. Wrenn discusses the importance of expert scripture scholarship and its impact on the new Catechism and those who would read it.
7. The Foundations of our Faith
Host – Msgr. Michael Wrenn
Msgr. Michael J. Wrenn talks about the four pillars of the Catechism and the bedrock of our Faith.
8. Proper Faith Formation
Host – Msgr. Michael Wrenn
Msgr. Michael J. Wrenn discusses the proper formation of a person’s faith which is one of the functions of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
9. Religious Education in the U.S.
Host – Msgr. Michael Wrenn
Msgr. Michael J. Wrenn looks at some of the tensions which came about after the holy See strengthened the norms of religious education in the US.
10. Church History
Host – Msgr. Michael Wrenn
Msgr. Michael J. Wrenn examines the antiquity of the Church and how proper religious education can enhance our appreciation for church history.
11. Pope John Paul II’s teachings
Host – Msgr. Michael Wrenn
Msgr. Michael J. Wrenn looks at Pope John Paul II’s voluminous contributions to the teachings of the faith including the new Catechism.