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London’s Annual Rosary Rally

In 11 Joanna Bogle on 2011/10/09 at 1:00 AM

London’s annual Rosary Rally takes place this Saturday, and has been advertised in parish newsletters across London, the suburbs, and the further afield, so there should be a good crowd. The procession starts at 1.45 pm from Westminster Cathedral, and ends at Brompton Oratory with hymns and Benediction.It is remarkable that, while 150 years ago there might have been some controversy about Catholics marching a statue of Mary shoulder-high through Westminster and Kensington, today no one turns a hair. In fact, people rather like it – if they notice the procession at all (and many people are so used to various groups in today’s London that they barely remark on yet another one) it is generally with mild interest and pleasure. Whereas, if we walked through the streets with banners affirming that two men can’t marry one another, or that babies shouldn’t be deliberately killed by abortion, we would provoke massive – possibly violent – opposition…yet 150 or even 50 years ago, such opinions were mainstream. A complete reversal of things. What a weird world this is at times…