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Protect Your Children in this Electronic Age

In 07 Observations on 2013/11/06 at 12:00 AM

 (Romereports.com) How safe are children on the web? What social networks are safe to use and why? How can they make the most of the electronic devices they use? The U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops has teamed up with the Greek OrthodoxArchdiocese of America to launch ‘Faith and Safety‘, a new website to help parents keep their kids safe on the web.

The site is full of tips on how to secure devices and networks, but it also features thought provoking advice. Social networks and websites are reviewed one by one and their use is recommended on an age based scale. Facebook, for example, is suggested for 13 year olds or older.

The website even grades the presence of sexual content, violence and consumerism.  ‘Faith and Safety’ also reviews cellphones that are made especially for kids that can block unwanted calls, set time limits for phone usage and those that allow parents to find their children through a GPS system.

Another interesting feature is a section that reviews apps. For each of them, an ideal age is recommended. It grades the overall quality and educational potential.

‘Faith and Safety’ is constantly updated. Its blog alone has thousands of views and among its contributors, there’s American Bishop John Wester, of Salt Lake City.


Challenge of the Media

In 07 Observations on 2011/09/10 at 12:00 AM

“We live in an epoch which puts a premium on sincerity.  And yet , our era has become known as the time of impostors, of falsehood and lying.  Among others, the list of impostors includes those member of the press, who spread scandalous indiscretions and slanderous insinuations, appeal to people’s lowest instincts, gradually corrupting their moral sense.  To the press one could add movies, radio, television.  These instruments useful in themselves, when handled by shrewd operators bombard people with sound and colors and hidden persuasion, which is all the more effective because of being hidden.  Such media are capable of little by little making the best fathers hated by their children, of making white seem black and vice versa.  This is how the habits of thought and the customs of people are being transformed today.  Whenever possible, we should use the means of communication to give sound doctrine to society as a whole.

We should stress those ideas which have a transcendental  importance for social progress: the defense of life from its conception; the dignity of the family and of the person; social justice; the right to work, due concern for the weakest members of society….In many cases we can communicate these ideals without difficulty…by writing a Letter to the Editor, by making telephone calls, by participating in opinion polls or on radio programs.  These means are available to us for showing our approval of a program or an article that either reinforces fundamental human morality or fails to do so.”

Illustrissimi by Albino Luciani  (Pope John Paul I)

Cyberspace Benedict

In 07 Observations on 2011/07/04 at 8:37 PM

The Vatican introduced Portal as a One-Stop Information Site on the 60th anniversary of Pope Benedict’s ordination to the priesthood.  Pope Benedict put it on line with a click.

Vatican officials said on Saturday that Pope Benedict had been following the development of the Portal, which will for the first time aggregate information from the Vatican’s various print, online, radio and television media in a one-stop shop for news about the Holy See.

It is the latest effort by the Vatican to bring its evangelizing message to an Internet-using audience, already having ventured into Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The Vatican can now reach a wide new audience by interacting with the outside world.

The Portal is available to you in English and will be updated three times every day. In the Portal you will find printed texts of papal homilies, statements and speeches as well as audio and video materials.

The Portal contains no search functions, nor does it offer an obvious link to the Vatican’s main home page, but those may come in an update.

Link to Portal:


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