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Dr.Tim O’Donnell – Glory of the Papacy

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The Glory Of The Papacy

Host – Dr. Timothy O’Donnell

Dr. Timothy O’Donnell teaches about the lives of some of the great popes and the turbulent historical periods in which they lived.

Please click on this link to access these programshttp://www.ewtn.com/vondemand/audio/seriessearchprog.asp?seriesID=6138&T1=Dr.+Tim

The Glory Of The Papacy


2.The Great Commission entrusted to Peter

3.The Good Shepherd

4.The Primacy Begins

5.Peter’s Teaching Authority as Reflected in the Scriptures

6.The Last Testament of St. Peter in Sacred Scripture: 1 Peter and 2 Peter

7.The Traces of Peter and Paul in Rome

8.The Bones of Peter

9.The Martyrs

10.Martyrdom (Cont’d)

11.The Witness of the Faith as Found in the Roman Catechisms

12.The Pontificate of Pope Leo the Great

13.The Early Middle Ages

14.Alexander II 1061 – 1073, Pope Gregory VII

15.Gregory the Great 590 – 604

16.Ireland, England and the Frankish Kingdom

17.The Reforms of the Church in the Middle Ages: Lay Investiture, etc.

18.Pope Celestine V and Boniface VIII

19.St. Catherine of Sienna and Gregory XI (The Babylonian Captivity)

20.The Western Schism

21.Martin V: 1417 – 1431 and the Reformation of the Church

22.The Renaissance

23.Renaissance Popes

24.The Renaissance Popes up to Julius II

25.Julius II, Cont’d up to early Reformation Popes

26.The Transitional Figure: Pope Paul III

27.P. St. Pius V and Pope Gregory XIII

28.P. Gregory XIII, Cont’d up to P. Paul V and the struggles of the Papacy with the Italian Republics including Venice

29.Paul V, Cont’d and the triumph of the Reformation of the Catholic Church up to Innocent X, 1644 -1655

30.Jansenism, and the Peace of Westphalia and the beginning of modern secularism up to Alexander VII and Bernini

31.Blessed Innoncent XI up to Pope Benedict XIV

32.P. Benedict XIV 1740-1758 up to Clement XIII

33.P. Clement XIV, 1769 -1774 and the Jesuits up to P. Pius VI and the Reign of Terror

34.The French Revolution and Napoleon

35.Pope Pius IX up to Pope Leo XIII

36.P. Leo XIII, cont’d up to Pope St. Pius X

37.P. St. Pius X up to Pius XI

38.Pius XI up to Pius XII

39.Pius XII up to Paul VI

40.Paul VI up to John Paul II

41.Veritatis Splendor and its call to “Obedience”

Please click on this link to access these programshttp://www.ewtn.com/vondemand/audio/seriessearchprog.asp?seriesID=6138&T1=Dr.+Tim