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The Cripple Saint

In 13 History on 2014/04/18 at 12:00 AM

It was Paderewski’s aunt who convinced her sister that she should not abort her child because she might be depriving the world of a great person.   The world of music would have never had the privilege of hearing this magnificent pianist, the pride of Poland.

Had Herman von Reichenau lived in our times and been aborted because test showed he had many serious crippling defects, the world would have been deprived of a superb chronicler, mathematician, poet, musician.  But fortunately he was born in 1054  and when his parents could not assist him properly, they requested that the abbot of Reicheneau  take him into the monastery for care.

There is was discovered that he was uniquely intellectually gifted.  Conquering his physical weakness with his strong will, he showed early his genius in theology, astronomy, mathematics, music and wrote on those topics.  In addition he had a great proficiency in languages including Greek, Latin, Arabic.  He also constructed musical and astronomical instruments.  

Having taken monastic vows, Herman, the cripple, as he was known to all,  lived a life of virtue and was loved by all because of his charming and kindly personality.

To him we are indebted for the prayer with which we end the rosary: the Hail Holy Queen which he composed to music and whose words reflect his sufferings and recourse to the heavenly mother God gave us while on the Cross.