Thoughts for Peace of Soul

In 07 Observations on 2016/08/12 at 12:00 AM

We need to live in the present which is when God gives us the grace to do what we ought to do. The present will soon pass and the past only survives in our memory.God respects our free will, permitting us to rebel against Him. He will not imprison us by taking away our freedom. Follow God freely, and you will be freer; actually; you will be more your real self as He meant you to be. Whenever you find yourself to be over-concerned with problems, or in an anxious state, try turning inward and see if you are forgetting to ask for help from Him who promised to come to your aid..We can imagine the future but it only exists in our imagination. So, what we only have is the present, and by living in the present moment as we ought is an aspect of living in the presence of God.
All Christians are called to sanctity. Each  one bears a unique character and personality and reflects or manifests Christ in a different way. Only God’s grace can illumine the soul so one needs to ask God to transform one, to enlighten one, so that one can see Him instead of oneself. Grace is that mysterious sharing in the nature of God because it is by grace that we are raised above our nature so that our souls become capable of knowing God as God knows Himself and of loving Him, and sharing in His life.
If you do not find God in the mirror of your mind it is because you are looking at yourself.  The greatest tragedy that can occur in your life is if you begin to live without God which occurs when you decide for whatever reason to “do it your way”. The devil says that God and everything about Him is a delusion, but it is really but the illusion is you looking only at yourself and not recognizing reality.If you look at things from God’s point of view, you will not confuse yourself because you will be facing reality.
When you begin with loving God, you will find yourself wanting to act virtuously.   Make Christ the center of your life; weigh things as God weights them; His judgment is the norm for truth. Acknowledge with humility your weaknesses and lean on the strength of Christ.
Our spiritual birth occurred when our Baptism gave us a life of grace which is a sharing of God’s own life.This divine life, this gift given to us, created us anew; and at that predestined instance, we joined God’s family by divine adoption.The divine life was given to us in seed state, and it is our duty to make it grow and bloom. That is the task of our entire life.We must constantly “prune” and renew ourselves by conforming ourselves to Christ alone.With gratitude and confidence, we prodigals must return to our Father when we stray and with open arms, He receives us and forgives us.
We go to a physician to halt the progress of an illness or disease; go to the Divine Physician for mercy .The Divine Physician has a cure for every ailment.God is always ready to help us mend our ways. His love for us is the balm that restores us. He re-aligns the pieces of our lives and mends the cracked pot.We can be instruments of God for others, leading them to know or to return to God.When others see themselves in the light of God, their conscience will lead them to see they need to make fundamental changes that will restore peace, calm, order and harmony to their soul.
While His ways are not our ways, His always work out, particularly in bailing us out of difficulties of our own making.Trust in you heavenly Father, in His guidance, in His trust, and He will restore you serenity. So do not fret;carry on. Begin again and again by looking forward and not backwards, by looking to the future and letting the past be past.To do this takes determination, humility, hope and courage. It requires not dwelling on our weaknesses, insufficiencies, failures or defects but resting and trust in Him. Do your best and He will take care of the rest.


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