“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

In 06 Scripture & Theology on 2016/07/08 at 12:00 AM

The poor in spirit are those who remember that all they are and have is from God and give back to Him whatever He wants of them. We live the virtue of simplicity when we maintain the proper intention in our love for Our Lord. This includes  being completely dependent on our Heavenly Father  by abandoning ourselves confidently to his loving Providence, just as a child entrusts everything to its father.

A child does not hold grudges, is ignorant of duplicity or fraud, does not deceive, does not seek revenge, easily forgets, does not store up grievances and has no deep sorrows.  Simplicity is one of the principal manifestations of spiritual childhood. It is the result of becoming defenseless before God like a vulnerable and trusting child before its father. Spiritual childhood always holds to the freshness of love in a soul by not dwelling on adverse experience.

Simplicity, which is close to humility, will lead us to ask forgiveness often; to admit and correct our mistakes.  Simplicity is the opposite of artificiality, deceit or phoniness. Simplicity never looks at anything from the viewpoint of personal advantage.  Simplicity is an indicator of humility.

The simple woman is neither naive nor suspicious; rather, prudent but not distrustful. She does not make hasty judgements on superficially based facts.  She lives the teaching of the Christ to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.  The simple person is transparent, never appearing to be what she is not or to have what she does not have.  She seeks to correct matters gone wrong by putting things right and asking forgiveness. She is definitely not hyper-sensitive, inflexible or impatient.  Nor is she cold or indifferent but warm, caring and compassionate.

The real cause of egotism and selfishness is pride. It looks at everything from our its own viewpoint and it’s own agenda. Pride inflates one’s own abilities, aggrandize one’s own qualities and demands the attention of others to them. Consequently, proud people are egocentric and selfish, not really knowing how to love anyone but themselves, loving only for what they can obtain from others for themselves.  Pride strangles; egoism deforms the personality.  Humility opens the way to act charitably with a joyful spirit.

To conquer this vice, we must fix our gaze on Christ, admitting our mistakes and correcting them. Thus, we will grow in humility, thanking God for all the benefits received from Him, allowing ourselves to be helped, seeking advice, stopping excusing our sins and failures, asking forgiveness of those we offend.
The will of God is the compass that guides and directs the humble woman to follow God’s will cheerfully.  She serenely sees God’s will in all the things He allows to happen, accepting them as  helping her encounter God.  She prays always because she is confined of her need for God.  The humble woman radiates joy.


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