In 07 Observations on 2016/06/04 at 12:00 AM

Show lovingkindness to you neighbor, who is whoever happens to be near you. It is God who has put this person in your path and by showing concern you will be another Christ for other Christs. In sharing the other person’s needs you are ministering through Christ to that person. Lovingkindness overcomes obstacles and expands hearts. Demonstrating kindness is another way of being a Good Samaritan.
Our Lord spent His earthly life caring for people’s needs. Look at Jesus in the Gospel, for He is the perfect example of lovingkindness in action. So, when you come across someone who is lonely, tired, worried or ailing, be an encouragement to that person by helping in any way you can. Sometimes all that is needed is a kind word, a smile or a listening ear.
Be on watch for struggling friends who approach you. Be a good listener. Listen to what they are saying (and what they are not saying) about their concerns.Listen to their complains because they often find the solution to their problems by listening to what they share with you. Listen patiently, accepting them as they are despite whatever quirks they have. Never pry. One never knows what is going on inside another person’s head.Treat everyone you encounter in a Christ like manner: with kindness, cheerfulness, patience and respect and above all, show compassion. Your smile can brighten a burdened soul.




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