Mary, Our Spiritual Mother

In 07 Observations on 2016/05/07 at 12:00 AM

Through Mary’s humanity, God gave us His Son as our Redeemer and at the Cross, Jesus Christ, true God and true man, gave us His mother as ours.  We show reverence to her because she is the Mother of God; mother and son cannot be separates for if we ignore her, He becomes difficult to understand and eventually our faith in His divinity will be diminished and lost.

Mary looks upon us, her children, with maternal affection and concern.  Let us show our gratefulness to her by following her example and perform our duties with love and docility. In serving, giving, loving, women acquire a dignity which reveals itself in her personality  and serves to encourage, guide and nurture others. Follow her advice at Cana: “Do what He tells you.”  Keep His word as faithfully as she kept it.

Today, pray to the Blessed Virgin specifically for the reversal of the  world’s greatest woe: the arrogation by women today the “right” to destroy a soul whom God has created.

We women must develop our own mature Christian life for the good of others.  In His earthly life, Our Lord frequently demonstrated the value He placed on women. As custodians of life, we are truly women when we are kind, tender and compassionate.  Shine according to your own nature within your unique personality.  Follow the sample of your heavenly mother to develop your individuality in an wholesome way and your will bear much fruit.

Many a woman who has not had the blessing of knowing the sweetness of her own mother’s love, can always know the sweetness of the love of the Mother God gave us on the Cross.


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