Christ, Our Model

In 07 Observations on 2015/12/20 at 12:00 AM

God sent His Son to assume our human nature in order for us to return to Him who created us. The eternal Son of God came that we would approach Him without fear and come close to Him. Jesus came as a true human being to set an example for us. He is our Model, our guide, our Goal, OUR GOD. You think that you are seeking God; however, be assured that it is He who is seeking you. He sent His Son to call you. The Divine Christ Child brings us the happiness we long for and soothes our soul. Look at the Christ with the heart’s eyes.  Ponder and dwell on God’s gift to you: His only-begotten Son. With the birth of Christ, a new era began for mankind, and for us.

Greet Him who came to give real meaning to our existence. While He came for all men, He came specifically for you. Accept the Christ-child into your heart. With child-like simplicity, receive the gift of the Christ-child and adore Him. Give Him the only gift he wants: Yourself.

The axial of history is the birth of Christ. His Incarnation shows us the image of our merciful Father who wished us redeemed; He gives us gifts we could never have imagined. The greatest of these is that we can know Him because He choose to reveal Himself to us. There is no way we could have merited  this gift because of our human condition, but God compassionately took on our human nature in order to transform us and take on His likeness.  We now have a God-given dignity. The meaning of Christ’s birth is not about then, but about now, about the linkage of your life to Christ.

Look at His life; The WHO who is important in our lives is Jesus Christ.  Are you living the way God wants you to or are you going your own way? To follow Christ involves developing a deep, personal friendship with God, which is continually nurtured and growing.  Aim to do what is acceptable in God’s eyes, what pleases Him. Let Christ paint His image on you by living according to His words. Let Christ live in you.

God has gifted us with the means to know, love and serve Him, which, will enable Him guide our minds, wills and hearts. Emptying ourselves permits Christ to imprint Himself in our hearts, living for, and by Him,  imitating Him. Christ is the Truth that transforms lives. Christ is the key, the reality of our life.  Faith in Christ must be the cornerstone of our spiritual edifice.

Being Christlike means not only believing in Christ as true God and true man, but demonstrating this belief to other by your words and behavior. Faith is accepting Jesus Christ and as Redeemer along with your  surrender of your will to His by living for Him, including the possibility of being martyred for fidelity to Him.  Out of sheer love, God is merciful towards us even when we have ignored Him. He heals us when we surrender ourselves into His hands.He gives us with His grace. How can we repay God for all His mercies? He rejoices when we return to Him.We are in His debt for everything.

Our lives are a time of preparation – a time to remove from our lives whatever hinders our relationship with our Creator. Examine you motives, actions and heart to know how you are faring in the journey. God sent His Son to redeem you. Accept Him, your Redeemer, or explain to yourself what holds you back from the great value that is God’s gift of His Son. See that your soul is always prepared to receive Him, by correcting yourself and getting rid of whatever baggage hinders you journey.


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