Reasons for the Hope Within

In 15 Audio on 2015/07/24 at 12:00 AM

Host – Rosalind Moss

From the heart of a Jewish Evangelical convert to the Catholic Church comes the program, Reasons for Our Hope, based on St. Peter’s exhortation to: “Sanctify (set apart) Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence” (1 Pet. 3:15).

Reasons for the Hope Within

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Introduction to the Gospel of Luke 

Host – Rosalind Moss


This is a thrilling study of the Jewish roots of our faith, taught by a Hebrew-Catholic, and seen through the heart of St. Luke who writes his Gospel to demonstrate that Christ, the Jewish Messiah, came from Israel, for Israel, and for the whole world.


The Announcement of the Birth of the Herald of Messiah! (Luke 1:1-25) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


Four hundred years before Christ, God told the people of Judah that He would send a messenger, a herald, to prepare the way for Israel’s long-awaited Messiah. Here, at last, is the announcement of his birth—the birth of John the Baptist—the herald of heralds!


The Annunciation (Luke 1:26-38) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


In the greatest announcement ever made to a creature, the angel Gabriel appears to a young Jewish maiden to inform her that she would give birth to the Son of the Most High—the Son of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who, prior to now, no man could look upon and live.


The Visitation (Luke 1:39-56) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


In what has become known as the Second Joyful Mystery, we’ll meet two Jewish women who were not afraid to trust the power of God in their lives to do the miraculous. One, an older woman past child-bearing age would bear the herald of the Messiah; the other, a virgin, would bear the Messiah himself.


The Birth of John the Baptist (Luke 1:57-80) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


We are about to witness the birth of the greatest man who ever lived, the one of whom our Lord Himself said, “among those born of women none is greater than John.” Come meet this one, chosen to “make the crooked ways straight” for the long-awaited Messiah of Israel, the son of David, the Lord Himself.


The Birth, Circumcision, Presentation, and Finding of Our Lord. (Luke 2:1-52) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


All that has gone before—the setting of Luke’s Gospel, the Annunciation of the angel Gabriel to Mary, the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth, the birth of John the Baptist—has been preparation for the moment we are about to enter: the birth of the Savior of the world.


The Preaching & Imprisonment of Messiah’s Herald (Luke 3:1-20) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


We are about to see the life and ministry of a man who gave his all for Christ, a man who will be known for all time as the herald of the Messiah, the one God chose from all eternity to be the “voice crying in the wilderness” that the world might recognize and receive the Savior of mankind.


The Baptism and Genealogy of the Messiah (Luke 3:21-38) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


Over 1,000 years ago, Joshua led the people of Israel through the Jordan River into the Promised Land. We are about to witness not only the baptism of Joshua’s Lord in that same Jordan, but the manifestation of the Triune of Israel—the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


The Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness (Luke 4:1-13) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


The Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness (Luke 4:1-13)


The Beginning of Messiah’s Preaching and Healing Ministry: from The Wilderness to the Synagogue (Luke 4:14-5:26) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


Nowhere do we have a clearer example that the Messiah “came to his own home, and his own people received him not.” From healing, to casting out demons, to the call of his disciples, to the forgiveness of a paralytic, Jesus demonstrates over and over again that He is God indeed, who came that we might have life.


The Lord of the Sabbath (Luke 5:27-6:11) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


From the conversion of Matthew—the wonderful story of a hated, despised tax collector who was among the outcasts of Israel—to the rejection of the religious leaders, comes the lesson that even those zealous for the laws of God can lose sight of the God they serve.


The Calling of the Twelve Apostles & the Sermon on the “Plain”(Luke 6:12-49) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


The Calling of the Twelve Apostles & the Sermon on the “Plain” (Luke 6:12-49) The same God who appeared to Israel through Moses on Mt. Sinai, now appears to that same nation on mount in Galilee. Yet far from being fearful, many are healed. Who is this Man who speaks like no man has ever spoken and who takes the Ten Commandments to heights and depths never before imagined?


Healings, Miracles, Forgiveness: “God Has Visited His People!” (Luke 7:1-8:21) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


Healings, Miracles, Forgiveness: “God Has Visited His People!” (Luke 7:1-8:21) From the healing of the centurion’s slave, to the raising of a son en route to his funeral, to the forgiveness of the woman who washed our Lord’s feet with her hair, rightly did the people of Israel exclaim: “God has visited his people!”


From Power over Nature, Demons, and Death to the Feeding of the Five Thousand (Luke 8:22-9:17) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


“Who then is this, that he commands even wind and water, and they obey him?” Who indeed. We will see in this lesson that this radical Jew, this prophet, this Messiah who heals the sick, who raises the dead, and before whom demons flee is indeed God in human flesh.


“Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church” (Luke 9:18-27) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


Who or what is the “rock” upon which Jesus would build his Church? Here is a thrilling look into the Jewish context of our Lord’s words to Peter, words the disciples would have understood from their own history and from Israel’s longing.


The Path of Discipleship and the Transfiguration (Luke 9:21-36) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


What does it mean to take up our cross daily and follow Him? Is discipleship a call for a chosen few or for everyone who would call himself a Christian, a follower of the Christ? Join us as we look at the joys, hindrances and worthy end of giving our all to the One who gave His all for us.


Lessons from the Messiah as He “Sets His Face” Toward Jerusalem (Luke 9:37-10:42) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


Jerusalem is our Lord’s destination as he sets out on a journey that will end with his death. We’ll follow the Savior as He casts out demons, is rejected by the Samaritans, encounters a few would-be followers, and pays a needed visit to the home of Martha and Mary. Here is much food and blessing at the feet of the Master.


The “Our Father” The Gospel in a Jewish Prayer (Luke 11:1-13) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


The “Our Father”—also known as the “Lord’s Prayer”—has been called both the greatest prayer and the greatest model for prayer ever given. If your mind ever wanders at prayer or if your prayers tend to become mechanical, here in this lesson is the cure and restoration for the Christian soul.


The Ultimate Rejection of the Messiah by Those He Came to Save (Luke 11:14-54) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


In an almost unthinkable turn of events, the scribes and Pharisees accuse Jesus of casting out demons by the power of the devil. Our Lord responds with a list of “Woes!” which He alone can speak to the nation that gave Him birth. It is no God of love that would leave the scribes and Pharisees, or us, content in our sin.


How Not to Reject the Messiah (Luke 12:1-59) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


We look this week not only at how not to reject our Lord, but, more, how to love Him, how to grow in our faith, how to know freedom and happiness in this life beyond all we’ve thought possible. Here is a practical “how-to” of how to live as pilgrims in this world, with our hearts set on the world that will never end.


“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem …How oft I would have gathered you!” (Luke 13:1-35) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


In one of the most heartrending passages in all of Scripture, we see the grief of the Savior who came for his own, yet his own received him not. Here is the remedy for the poverty of sin, of apathy, of living a life contrary to God’s will and of being on the path that seems right to a man, but whose end is the way of death.


The Cost of Being Christ’s Disciple (Luke 14:1-35) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


What does it take to live a life that is consistent with our desire to love the Savior who gave himself for us and who never stops loving us, no matter how many times we fail? Join us in discovering how we can lose our lives in order to gain them; how we can to die to self that we might live to God.


The Prodigal Love of God for Every Lost Soul (Luke 15:1-32) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


Here is the Father’s love for sinners illustrated by three parables: a lost sheep, a lost coin, and a lost son. No matter who we are, what our background, or how far we’ve strayed, God waits—longs—to welcome back with outstretched arms, the one who returns to him with a humble and contrite heart.


Heavenly Attitudes toward Earthly Goods (Luke 16:1-31) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


All that we are and have comes from God. Our Lord teaches that we are to be stewards of His manifold gifts, and that we must be as clever and diligent in storing up riches for heaven as those of this evil generation are in storing up treasures on earth.


Messiah’s Mobile Yeshiva en Route to Jerusalem (Luke 17:1-19) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


In their last year of studies with the Master Rabbi, Jesus teaches his disciples lessons they would need for a time when he would no longer be with them—lessons on the responsibilities, the privileges, and the gratitude of faith. Our Lord teaches them, and us, that what is impossible with men is indeed possible with God.


Warning! Be Prepared for the Coming of the Son of Man (Luke 17:20-18:14) 

Host – Rosalind Moss


The Second Coming of the Messiah is sometimes as difficult for people of our day to believe as it was for the people of Israel in our Lord’s day. Jesus assures his disciples and us that he who came as a dying Lamb will indeed return as a victorious King, and warns of the dangers of not being prepared for His Coming.


Keys to the Kingdom: The Receptivity of a Child and the Riches of Poverty – Luke 18:15-30 

Host – Rosalind Moss


Many people live only for this world. Rosalind Moss continues her study of the Gospel of Luke by showing how God wants us to live for the world to come. Using the example of the little children and the young rich man, Jesus tells us we are to rely on Him instead of our own devices.


Much is Expected of the One to Whom Much is Given – Luke 18:31-19:28 

Host – Rosalind Moss


We receive many gifts from God. In the Gospel of Luke, Rosalind Moss show that Our Lord expects us to use the gifts He gives us to spread His Gospel message and not just coast through life ignoring the needs of others.


Palm Sunday: The Humble Advent of the Triumphal King – Luke 19:29-44 

Host – Rosalind Moss


Our Savior is about to make His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Rosalind Moss uses the Gospel of Luke to explain how Christ came humbly as a suffering servant to redeem the world and will come again in glory at the end of the world.


Monday and Tuesday of Holy Week: Our Lord’s Love for an Obstinate People – Luke 19:45-21:4 

Host – Rosalind Moss


With His crucifixion only days away, Jesus Christ prepared for His death. Rosalind Moss guides you through the Gospel of Luke and shows how even now Our Lord gave one final warning, calling for repentance of the people of Israel.

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