Apologetics 101 – Host: John Martignoni

In 15 Audio on 2015/07/17 at 12:00 AM

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1. What does the word “Apologetics” mean?
Host – John Martignoni apologetics101.mp3
2. Are there any basic rules for doing apologetics?
Host – John Martignoni apologetics102.mp3
3. What should I keep in mind when I’m trying to defend my faith?
Host – John Martignoni apologetics103.mp3
4. Cafeteria catholicism
Host – John Martignoni apologetics104.mp3
5. Why do Catholics have crucifixes.
Host – John Martignoni apologetics105.mp3
6. Are Adam and Eve “just myths”?
Host – John Martignoni apologetics106.mp3
7. Literalist vs. Literal meaning of Scripture
Host – John Martignoni apologetics107.mp3
8. “Faith alone”, “Works alone”, or none of the above?
Host – John Martignoni apologetics108.mp3
9. Are Catholics saved?
Host – John Martignoni apologetics109.mp3
10. Is Baptism only symbolic.
Host – John Martignoni apologetics110.mp3
11. “Left Behind”
Host – John Martignoni apologetics111.mp3
12. Did Jesus have brothers and sisters?
Host – John Martignoni apologetics112.mp3
13. Man-made traditions
Host – John Martignoni apologetics113.mp3


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