Spiritual Nourishment From Msgr. Romano Guardini

In 07 Observations on 2012/06/30 at 9:11 AM

“The more intensely He directs his creative power upon me, the more real I become. The more He gives me of his love, the fuller myself-realization in that love.  Christ is God in the pure, full sense of the word; the Logos through whom all things were created, myself included.  Not until he inhabits me, do I become the being God intended me to be.”

“Just as your soul is the shaper of your body, He is the shaper of your soul and body, the entity, you.”

“What makes a Christian Christian in everything he says and does is the living Christ in him; different in every individual and in every phase of that individual’s life.”

“He lives and grows in each of us, that our faith may increase, our love may be strengthened, our Christianity constantly deepened.”

“For redemption and rebirth do not mean that an individual, as if by a stroke of magic, is renewed overnight, but that the beginning of his renewal is established.  The wickedness is still there, but the new beginning as well.  The Christian is a battlefield on which the struggle constantly rages between the ‘old man,’ rooted in his rebellious self, and ‘the new man,’ born of Christ.”

“To be a follower of Christ does not mean to imitate him, literally, but to express him through the medium of one’s own life.”

“The task of the Christian consists in transposing Christ into the stuff of his own daily existence.”

Guardini, Romano Regnery pp.529-531


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