Jesus Comes to Me – First Communion Book

In 11 Joanna Bogle on 2012/05/10 at 11:11 AM

…new book just out from Family Publications. It’s by Dora Nash, Head of RE, mother of four, and it’s for children preparing for First Communion and it’s really excellent. Order it from Family Publications here.Dora Nash is my sister-in-law. Her book on Confirmation has already proved its worth and been popular with lots of parishes, families, and youth groups, and we’ve all been waiting for one on First Communion. This new book is beautifully presented, with lovely illustrations, all the information from Scriptures to explain about Confession and Holy Communion, prayers to learn by heart, quizzes, word-searches, even a cut-out priest to dress in different vestments! It tackles everything, from how to go to confession through to words and phrases to study and understand…all in a bright, easy-to-read style with clear print and a fresh feel. It’s exactly what a Catholic child needs and will be of use in every parish – even for children unfamiliar with all sorts of basic concepts for whom First Communion is perhaps the first real contact with systematic Christian teaching…very, very highly recommended.

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