Holy Wednesday: “Love is with love repaid”

In 01 Daily Meditations on 2012/04/04 at 8:09 AM
Do you to know how to thank Our Lord for all he has done for us?… With love! There is no other way. Love is with love repaid. But the real proof of affection is given by sacrifice. So, take courage!: deny yourself and take up his Cross. Then you will be sure you are returning him love for Love. (The Way of the Cross, Fifth Station, 1)

It is not too late, nor is everything lost… Even though to you it may seem so. Even though a thousand foreboding voices keep saying so. Even though you are besieged by mocking and skeptical onlookers… You have come at a good time to take up the Cross: the Redemption is taking place —now!— and Jesus needs many Simons of Cyrene. (The Way of the Cross, Fifth Station, 2)

To bring happiness to its loved one, a noble heart will not hesitate before sacrifice. To bring comfort to a suffering face, a great soul will overcome all repugnance and give itself unstintingly…And God, does he deserve less than a piece of flesh, than a handful of clay? Learn to mortify your whims. Accept setbacks without exaggerating them, without throwing up your arms, without… hysterics. In that way you will lighten the Cross for Jesus. (The Way of the Cross, Fifth Station, 3)

How can I really love the Holy Cross of Jesus?… Long for it!… Ask Our Lord for the strength to implant it in every heart throughout the length and breadth of this world. And then… make atonement with joy; and try also to love him with the beating of all those hearts that as yet do not love him. (The Way of the Cross, Fifth Station, 5)


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