He Is Worthy of Adoration

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The reason Msgr. Romano Guardini gives for God being deserving of adoration is because He is the Creator and consequently is all good, holy and true; that it is that holiness which makes him worthy and omnipotent. Therefore adoration is an act that makes sense;  one bows one’s body and soul before His omnipotent Creator.

Guardini also stresses the grandeur of spiritual purity with not only the body, heart having purity but also the soul; all of which are essential for the health of the entire person created in the image of God.  He elaborates eloquently: “The purity of the spirit is dependent upon truth.  A spirit is pure when it makes clear-cut distinctions between great and little, good and bad; when it refuses to bend yes into no and no into yes, but keeps them undistorted by a straight either-or.  This does not mean that with the resultant clarity the good is also already accomplished and the bad avoided; it means something much more elementary: that virtue is never called vice, and vice virtue.

Purity of spirit lies at the beginning of things, there where the first stirrings set in, where conceptions of being and doing are formed.  It is that initial authenticity to which the true meaning of words is grounded and their relation to each other is corrected, their edges trimmed.  Spirit becomes impure through essential dishonesty.  When it attempts to call evil good, it becomes essentially corrupt.  A lie is always evil, but worse than its conscious evil is loss of the fundamental sense of truth.  The spirit that errs is not yet impure–for  example when it judges facts falsely, uses words incorrectly or confuses images.  It is impure when it is indifferent to truth; when it no longer desires to think cleanly or to measure by the standards of eternity; when it no longer knows that the dignity and honor of truth are its own dignity and honor; when it besmudges the sense of word  which is the sense of things and of existence itself, robbing them of their austerity and nobility.

Divine worship protects the purity of spirit.  As long as a person bows his head before his Maker as before on “worthy: because he is holy and true, that person will be immune to intrinsic deception.  Health and purity of spirit are man’s greatest forces, but also, as human nature now is, his most vulnerable and seducible.  They need protection.  Some sure means of distinguishing between true and false, pure and impure must exist.  That a person fails to do the right thing after he has recognized it is serious, and he will be called to judgment because of it.  But incomparably worse is a break with truth itself: intrinsic deception readable in the eyes because it has taken hold of the spirit.  That is why something must exist in which the truth of the heart can constantly renew itself, in which the spirit can be cleansed, the eye cleared, the character strengthened.  And there is: adoration.  Nothing is more important for man than to incline his spirit before God, personally to experience the truth that is God; this is great and sacred and salutary for body and soul.”

Guardini, Romano.  THE LORD.  Regnery pp576-578



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