Christmas story says bodies matter, even microscopic ones By Colleen Carroll Campbell

In 10 Colleen Carroll Campbell on 2011/12/30 at 9:11 AM
The Vatican made headlines with its release of Dignitatis Personae (Latin for “The Dignity of the Person”), which updated Catholic teachings on bioethics and reaffirmed opposition to the cloning, killing and manipulating of human embryos.

Critics have blasted the document as proof of the church’s inexplicable fixation on embryos. They ask: Why devote such energy to defending the rights of a microscopic dot? Why throw up roadblocks to the Brave New World of biotech advances — including the detection and destruction of genetically flawed embryos in pursuit of so-called designer babies — to save infinitesimal entities no one will miss? What’s with the embryo obsession?

Read more: http://www.colleen-campbell.com/P-D_Columns/PD081225Body.htm

Colleen Carroll Campbell is a St. Louis-based author, former presidential speechwriter and television and radio host of “Faith & Culture” on EWTN. Her website is www.colleen-campbell.com.


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