Let’s Get Real: Part II by Jack Reagan

In 08 Musings by Jack Reagan on 2011/11/18 at 10:00 PM

We are in decline because of decades of refusing to deal with reality. The United States was not founded to make citizens equal, but free. Today, we have reversed that premise; we try to make everyone equal and the result is a gross erosion of liberty. If a man has ten times as much money as I do, acquired legitimately, I have no problem with that. He had more talent. Today,we call him evil and say that he owes others some of his money because they lacked what it took to acquire it. This is why we have a progressive income tax (an idea right out of Karl Marx). One atheist and an irrational judge can override the religious sentiments of hundreds or thousands of people.

The three main sources of the cult of the unrealistic are:

1. Civil governments at all levels. (Remember the “bridge to nowhere?”)  Crazy, unworkable schemes abound.

2. Public education at all levels. We took God out of the schools and replaced Him with police officers.

3. The media which is so biased (with few exceptions) that they are often ludicrous when, without any facts, they attribute events to the “right”, to Christians, to racism, etc. Apology for errors is just about unheard of.

So abounding are the errors, stupidities, false ideas, distortions and lies that rather than deal with it all, the dreamers have come up with another absurd idea: that we must not be judgmental. Nothing is right or wrong, good or bad, useful or useless, necessary or unnecessary, true or false, moral or immoral. According to these people, one should not complain that during WWII, we built 1000 ships a year and the Bureau of Ships had 1000 employees. Today, we build 17 ships, and the Bureau of Ships has 25,000 employees. If you complain, the retort will be that you are trying to put people out of work.

A good example of modern insistence on unreality concerns evolution. It used to be the “theory of evolution.” “The theory” has been dropped, and evolution is now presented as proven fact even though it has not only not been proven, but there are serious scientists who have mounted rational challenges against it. Why the persistence? Because if I am the cousin of a monkey, then like my cousin, I am an animal with no moral responsibility; I can live on instinct and whim.

The first humans to try to ignore reality were Adam and Eve. They thought that disobedience would lead to divinization of themselves. (Note that Satan always offers “pie in the sky” which, when obtained, is just mush.) They soon found out that God does not think much of those who ignore reality.

Another Bible person who was a realist was Noah. His grasp of the real was to obey God while everyone else snickered and sneered. We know how that turned out.

If we’re in decline, is there any hope? Probably not, barring divine intervention, which I would not count on. The world is a cesspool of sin; what would be God’s incentive to save us? Besides, history tells us that no declining society has ever saved itself.

Pessimistic? Of course!  But, the individual does not have to decline along with society if he has a sincere, consistent and productive relationship with God. That is the only hope for any person.

God is real. If you want to be a realist, realize that His is the only way, the truth and the life.


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