“May I never cease to practice charity”

In 01 Daily Meditations on 2011/11/16 at 9:11 AM

It is impossible to love God with perfection, and at the same time to let yourself be ruled by selfishness – or by apathy – in your dealings with your neighbor. (Furrow, 745)

True friendship also means making a heartfelt effort to understand the convictions of our friends, even though we may never come to share them or accept them. (Furrow, 746)

Never allow weeds to grow on the path of friendship. Be loyal. (Furrow, 747)

Let us make a firm resolution about our friendships. In my thoughts, words and deeds towards my neighbor, whoever he may be, may I not behave as I have done up to now. That is to say, may I never cease to practice charity, or allow indifference to enter my soul. (Furrow, 748)

Your charity must be adapted and tailored to the needs of others, not to yours. (Furrow, 749)

Being children of God transforms us into something that goes far beyond our being people who merely put up with each other. Listen to what the Lord says:  We are friends who, like him, give our lives for each other, when heroism is needed and throughout our ordinary lives. (Furrow, 750)


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