Fr. C. John McCloskey – Cardinal Newman

In 15 Audio on 2011/10/05 at 1:11 AM


Cardinal Newman at 2000


Host – Fr. C. John McCloskey, III


Fr. McCloskey introduces us to the life of John Henry Cardinal Newman, a saint that has been credited for many conversions to Catholicism in the 20th Century. Fr. McCloskey, himself a scholar of Newman, did his STD dissertation on Newman at the University of Navarre and has assembled Newman scholars from around the world to discuss his influence on many different aspects related to Faith and the Church.




Please click on this link to access programshttp://www.ewtn.com/vondemand/audio/seriessearchprog.asp?seriesID=6833&T1=McCloskey

Cardinal Newman at 2000

1. Life as a Catholic…Fr. M. with Fr. Ian Ker, English convert, Newman scholar, Oxford Don

2. The Laity

3. Development of Doctrine...  Fr. M. with Fr. Richard Schiefen, Prof. of Theo. Univ. of St. Thomas, TX

4. Newman the Writer…Fr.M with Fr. Ian Ker

5. The Saint…Fr. M.  with Msgr. Richard Liddy, Newman scholar, Seton Hall University

6. Influence on Vatican II…Fr. M. with Fr. Ian Ker

7. The Friend...Fr. M. with Fr. Ray Ryland, Anglican convert,

8. Newman on Conversion…Fr. M. with Fr. Ray Ryland

9. The Oratorian…Fr. M.  with Fr. Drew Morgan, C.O Oratorian from Pittsburgh Oratory

10. Oxford Movement…Fr. m. with Fr. George Rutler, Anglican convert, St. Agnes Church, NY

11.The Preacher Host – Fr. M. with Fr. George Rutler

12. Belief as Philosopher...Fr. M. with Dr. John Crosby, Professor at FUS

13. The University …Fr.M. with Dr. Thomas Dillon, President of Thomas Aquinas College, CA

Please click on this link to access programs: http://www.ewtn.com/vondemand/audio/seriessearchprog.asp?seriesID=6833&T1=McCloskey


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