Papal Warning

In 14 Book Corner on 2011/08/24 at 11:11 PM

Here follows the famous statement made in 1998 by then Cardinal Ratzinger.  It alerted many Christians to the current religious peril.

“The great moral crisis of the Western World broke out in the sixties and seventies…in the face of the deep moral contradictions of the West and of its internal helplessness, combined with the sudden opposition by the new economic power of the Arab countries, the Islamic soul reawakened.

Islam believes that they are now somebody too; they know who they are; that their religion is holding its ground; we no have one any longer.

This is actually the feeling today of the Muslim world, what they believe: ‘The Western countries are no longer capable of preaching message of morality but have only knowhow to offer the world. That Christian religion has abdicated; that it really no longer exists as a religion; that the Christians no longer have a morality or a faith; all that’s left are a few remains of some modern ideas of enlightenment, while they have the religion that—stands the test.’

So the Muslims now have the consciousness that in reality Islam has remained in the end as the more vigorous religion and that they have something to say to the world, indeed, are the essential religious force of the future. Now there is a new pride. Thus a new zest, a new intensity about wanting to live Islam has awakened. This is its great power: They say: ‘We have a moral message that has existed without interruption since the prophets, and we will tell the World how to live it, whereas the Christians certainly can’t.’

We must naturally come to terms with this inner power of Islam, which fascinates even academic circles.”

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in SALT OF THE EARTH: The Church at the end of the millennium (interview by Peter Seewald). pp. 243/244. Ignatius Press.  http://www.ignatius.com/Products/SOE-P/salt-of-the-earth.aspx


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