Abortion, A Realistic Viewpoint by J. Reagan

In 08 Musings by Jack Reagan on 2011/06/04 at 8:00 PM

The accusation is often made that anti-abortion attitudes are a particular effort by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is the only church that is officially against abortion.  Few others make pro-life statements. The Catholic Church is demeaned, ridiculed, called “out of date”, “old-fashioned, “anti-woman”, “contra-cultural” and on and on.

The fact is that abortion is a moral evil, BUT NOT because the Catholic Church says it is. Abortion is an objective evil, and the Church is simply stating that fact. It is the natural moral law that all normal people sense that tells us that abortion is a moral evil. Abortion would be evil even if no religion opposed it. Abortion can be argued against successfully without even mentioning any religion because abortion is irrational.

What is to be thought of a nation that deliberately and legally kills off fifty million and still counting . . . 50,000,000 babies because they are inconvenient to someone? We rightly abhor the mass murders under Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung and others. Yet, in the U.S. it is quite legal to kill any unborn baby based merely on the mother’s wish. Peter Singer, a professor at Princeton, advocates a parental right to kill a child up to two years old if the parents think it is appropriate for them.

Legal abortion lessens the value of all human life. A few years ago in California, a request was made via TV to help a child in great need and a dog that was injured. The dog received from viewers far more money than the human child. If someone as inculpable as an unborn child can be legally killed, then who is really safe? (Ironically, most of those who support abortion are against capital punishment.) There is in Oregon a law that allows for assisted suicide. There is talk (and many say the actuality) of rationing health care in the Obama health care law. A person’s worth is to evaluated based on how much their medicine costs the taxpayer. Yet, this from a government that wastes billions every year.

Abortion leads to other naturally immoral actions. If you can kill a child, then the very idea of the immoral is diminished, and crimes against persons rise, especially crimes against women. When abortion is easily available, immoral sexual activity rises tremendously since any “mistakes” you make will be rectified by the abortionist. Every sexual sin seems to have increased in frequency with legal abortion and natural consequences like illegitimate children and sexually-transmitted disease.

A nation that condones abortion will see the impact of this evil as it spreads its negative effects throughout the nation. Since abortion is contrary to the natural moral law (as is any murder), it means that condoning abortion also violates the laws of right reasoning. Our national ability to think clearly, rationally and honestly is impaired. We begin to sanction other moral evils. We lose the ability even to see evil as evil and begin to rationalize its acceptance. Example: Same-sex marriage which is an oxymoron anyway. Those who are entrusted with preserving the common good offer solutions to problems that cannot solve the real problem. Example: The answer, for some, to any problem is to spend more money on it, failing to see that if money is not the cause of the problem, that money will not better the situation. A case in point is education at all levels. The answer to school problems is not more money, but better philosophy of education. It’s the ideas that are wrong, not the finances.

Feminism and the media are two of the most ardent and vocal proponents of abortion in the U.S.  Note that they never mention the adverse effects of abortion on the individual involved or the society as a whole, some of which can last a lifetime. These proponents always claim to be “in support of women.” What kind of  “friend” would allow a woman to deliberately choose a path of evil merely to vindicate a false philosophy. Another example of deficient thinking.

Abortion also has negative economic consequences. We have killed off part of an entire generation. The earliest victims would be in their thirties now. Most would be gainfully employed, paying taxes and supporting the Social Security Fund which is vanishing because of an insufficient number of younger contributors. As the population ages and abortion continues, the problem will not improve. Gradually, as the decline unfolds, government officials would have to take charge of more and more aspects of life, thereby diminishing our liberty and freedom more and more.

Ah, but abortion is legal: as it stands today, women  have the right to seek an abortion.  True, but what is the source of that “right”?  The Supreme Court.  However, the problem here is that no human group or group of humans can ever give anyone the “right” to violate a natural moral law.  The subordinate can never overturn the superior’s law.  Therefore, there is no valid right to abortion that would be sanctioned by the natural moral law.

About 70 years ago, Richard Weaver wrote a fascinating book entitled, “Ideas Have Consequences.” The theme was that negative and stupid ideas and philosophies lead to negative and stupid effects. Abortion was not an issue in his time, but were he alive now, I’m sure he would have had a chapter on the societal folly of abortion.

Those who advocate and practice abortion at any level do no individual or society any lasting good. Moral evil cannot lead to good effects.

When God issued the Ten Commandments, He did not make any mistakes. There is one Commandment that is specifically meant to preserve individuals and society: “Thou shall not kill”. The pro-abortion people care about neither.

The next time you hear somebody reject the idea of abortion on demand, realize that they are not being anti-anything; they are just exercising their power of correct reasoning.

  1. Excellent article, so logical and provoking. Keep writing Mr. JR we all need to hear more of your wisdom and philosophy!

  2. Thanks for this article – couldn’t agree with you more! It’s hard to believe that a civilized nation such as ours can permit the murder of an innocent, defenseless, human being. What is really baffling to me is that I know people who 1) call themselves Christian yet believe that it’s okay for a woman to abort (murder) her child and 2) that these same people are horrified when they hear about a pregnant woman being killed and think that the murderer should be charged with a double murder. I guess these are the same people who think more money produce a better educational system. It’s baffling and terribly sad. We need to pray for the scales to fall off their eyes.

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