“Benedict’s Better Plan” by Colleen Carroll Campbell

In 10 Colleen Carroll Campbell on 2011/05/22 at 12:00 AM

 History Proves That the Church Thrives When It Is Challenging the Culture, Not Imitating It

Critics of the Catholic Church have found much to fret about since the election of Pope Benedict XVI.  Though he has exhibited a deep understanding of our postmodern culture and an intense concern for evangelizing the secular West, many American pundits have dismissed the new Pope as a cranky conservative whose defense of traditional Catholic teachings will lead the Church into inevitable decline.

If he continues to hold the line on such issues as artificial birth control, abortion, homosexuality and women’s ordination, they argue, the pews will empty out and the Catholic Church will forfeit its influence on American public life.

Read more:  http://www.colleen-campbell.com./Misc_Columns/060505OSVChurch.htm

Colleen Carroll Campbell is a St. Louis-based author, former presidential speechwriter and television and radio host of “Faith & Culture” on EWTN. Her website is www.colleen-campbell.com.


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