“Professor” Hercule Poirot, at your service….

In 14 Book Corner on 2011/05/20 at 9:12 AM

What good is knowledge if you do not understand?

What good  knowledge and understanding if you do not apply them?

In addition to knowledge, one must use the tools of analysis and synthesis in order to understand a situation and draw a proper conclusion.

If you want to think logically and get a proper view of factual events, you would do well to follow what Agatha Christie put into the mouth of her character, Hercules Poirot: “Analysis and synthesis, these are the key to the art of deduction.  Rip apart the evidence, detail by detail, to its barest essential till all the pieces fall into place and we have the complete picture of everything that happened.” (PBS “The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim”)

Note: For an entertaining exercise that will improve your powers of deduction, read The Agatha Idea located in Archives under the Category, Book Corner.


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