Your Portrait?

In 06 Scripture & Theology on 2011/05/01 at 8:38 AM

“God has within Himself blueprints of everything in the universe.  As the architect has in his mind a plan of the house before the house is built, so God has in His mind an archetypal idea of every flower, bird, tree, springtime, and melody.  There never was a brush touched to canvas or a chisel to marble without some great pre-existing idea.  So, too, every atom and every rose is a realization and concretion of an idea existing in the mind of God from all eternity.  All creatures below man corresponds to the pattern God has in His Mind.  A tree is truly a tree because it correspond to God’s idea of a tree. But it is not so with persons.  God has to have two pictures of us: one is what we are and the other is what we ought to be. He has the model, and He has the reality. God has to have these two pictures because in each and every one of us there is some disproportion and want of conformity between the original plan and the way we have worked it out.  The image is blurred; the print is faded.  For one thing, our personality is not complete in time; we need a renewed body.  Then too, our sins diminish our personality; our evil acts daub the canvas the Master Hand designed.  Like unhatched eggs, some of us refuse to be warmed by the Divine Love, which is so necessary for incubation to a higher level.  We are in constant need of repairs; our free acts do not coincide with the law of our being; we fall short of all God want us to be.  St. Paul tells us that we were predestined, before the foundations of the world were laid, to become sons of God.  But some of us will not fulfill that hope.”

Fulton Sheen THE WORLD’S FIRST LOVE.  Ignatius Press



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