Sweet Nails, Sweet Tree

In 06 Scripture & Theology on 2011/04/22 at 3:34 PM

“Sweet nails, sweet tree, where life begins.”  Hymn, Crux Fidelis

St. Augustine, as he ponds the Psalms 21, 11, 8  considers the question of: “Why, so much suffering?” and concludes that all was done in order to redeem us; we have been ransomed.

If you gaze at a crucifix, you will be moved to begin to understand.  The redeeming act of Christ was for you, and you can truly say: Jesus Christ “loved me and gave himself up for me.” (Gal. 2:20)

Pascal  heard him say to him: “Those drops of blood I shed for you.” (Pensees, VII)

All through history, people look upon the disfigured face of Christ, and there they recognize the glory of God.”  J. Ratzinger


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