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St. Thomas Aquinas:
In order to obtain grace in giving, one must first be acceptable to God for if one is not pleasing to God, neither will one’s gifts be acceptable.
Mercy is more useful to the person who gives, for he who exercises it thereby makes a spiritual gain, whereas the recipient makes only a temporary gain.
Almsgiving is called a blessing because it is the cause of eternal blessing.  For by the action of giving, the person is blessed by God and by men.
St. John Chrysostom:
If you do not believe that poverty is enriching, picture your Lord and you will doubt me no longer.  For had he not become poor, you would not have become rich.
The holy apostle, St. Paul, gives two principles: in temporal things one should limit oneself to what is necessary; but in in spiritual things one should seek as much as possible.
St. Augustine:
If you put your hand out to give, but do not have pity in your heart, you have done nothing; whereas if you have pity in your hear, even if you have nothing to give with you hand, God accepts your alms.

Your Lord says this to you: give to me and receive.  In due course, I will give back what is due to you.  What will I give back?  You gave little to me, you will receive a great deal; you gave me earthly things, I will give back heavenly things; you gave me temporal things, you will receive eternal things; you gave me what was mine, you will receive me, myself.  See who you have lent to.  He nourishes other and yet He Himself suffers hunger for your sake; He gives and is needy.  When He gives, you wish to receive; when He is needy, you are unwilling to give.  Christ is needy when a poor man is needy.  He who is disposed to give eternal life to all His own has deigned to receive temporal thing in the person of anyone who is needy.


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