Psalm 34 and the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ

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PSALM 34 in the light of the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ

The psalmist in Psalm 34 petitions God for justice. He had followed the teachings of psalms: do good, seek peace, yet he
was harassed even by the people he treated well. His description of the situation is found in its most extreme form in the
Lord’s life. He “went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed by the devil.” (Acts 10:38)  ”They hated Him without
cause.” (John 15:24; Ps 35:19.)

A Spanish priest wrote this forceful meditation on Psalm 34:

“He came to save the world,
and His own denied Him before Pilate.
He showed us the path to goodness,
and they dragged Him along the way to Calvary.
He gave an example in everything He did,
and they preferred a thief convicted of murder.
He was born to forgive,
and without cause they condemned Him to the gallows.
He came along the paths of peace, and they declared war on Him.
He was the light,
and they handed Him over to the powers of darkness.
He brought love,
and they repay Him with hatred.
He came to be King,
and they crown Him with thorns.
He became a slave to free us from sin, and they nailed Him to the Cross.
He took flesh to give us Life,
and we rewarded Him with death.”


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