Early Church History Reading

In 14 Book Corner on 2011/04/16 at 11:39 PM
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ

Wallace, Lew BEN HUR; A Tale of Christ (Roman Galley slave's conversion)

Sienkiewicz, Henryk QUO VADIS (St. Peter in Nero's Rome)

The Last Days of Pompeii

Bulwer-Lytton, Baron Edward LAST DAYS OF POMPEII (Eruption of Vesuvius 79 AD)


CALLISTA: A Sketch of The Third Century

Newman, Cardinal John Henry CALLISTA (St.Cyprian)

Fabiola, or the Church of the Catacombs (Reprint of 1854 publication in the Popular Catholic Library series)

Weisman, Cardinal Nicolas FABIOLA

Rivers, Francine MARK OF THE LION TRILOGY: Voice in the Wind, Echo in Darkness, As Sure as Dawn (Starts with Fall of Jerusalem through to Roman Empire's expansion into barbarian lands).

CONFESSIONS OF ST. AUGUSTINE (autobio; last days of Roman Empire)

Augustine CITY OF GOD Fall of Rome

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