Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

In 01 Daily Meditations on 2011/04/09 at 2:12 PM

The past is memory; the future, imagination; we only have the present…then is when we get the grace we need to cope with our situations.

We do not get grace to cope with our imaginary worries for the future.  If and when what we worry about comes to pass, then it will be our present, then we will get the graces we need.

Today’ is the only time we can offer to God.

We need to sanctify the day and heed the many inspirations and graces which God sends us throughout the day.

We also need to concentrate on what we are doing.

Sanctity is forged by being faithful in details, in everyday things, in actions which might seem irrelevant if not vivified by grace.

God will always be there at the right time–although it may be in secret and mysterious ways.

Do not abandon God: He does not abandon you.

Mother Teresa used to say:  God speaks to us in the silence of our hearts.

You can add to that:  we need to listen with our ears and  heart.


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