Thucydides For Today

In 13 History on 2011/04/03 at 1:05 AM

In 431 BC Thucydides wrote in his HISTORY of the PEOLOPONNESIAN WARS that the inferior mind is more often successful than superior mind because recognizing his weakness, the inferior one strike suddenly and unexpectedly, catching off guard the superior one, which is actively  analyzing and planning logically its moves.

Applying Thucydides to today: The non-religious mind is more often successful in promoting its ideas and actions because while less in tune with reality and having less knowledge of the effects and ramification of the proposed ideas and actions, it simply strives to implement them for the sake of implementing and enforcing its agenda.

The religious (Christian) mind has a greater awareness of reality plus the requisite knowledge of effect of ideas so that it can weigh the pros and cons of a proposal. This is why the products of the non-religious are often deficient, but popular, while the product of the religious person (assuming a proper relationship with God) comes to more realistic conclusions which might not be very popular. Sin is easy to promote and readily attracts adherents while virtue often leads a lonely life. The non-religious mind is concerned with the material world, knows what it wants & pursues it. The religious mind has different values, beyond the material,  and strives to attain transcendental goals.


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