The Agatha Idea

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If you wish to learn logic, here is a good activity for young and not so young.

Read any Agatha Christie, but I would recommend starting with “And Then There Were None”

1. As you read and find the first person you think that did it, write that name down.

2. As you find evidence that exonerates that person, write what the reason is for exonerating him or her.

3. When you find evidence that contradicts that exoneration, write what that evidence is.

And do these three points for every suspect you get. (You will find you have quite a list).

It is fun being de-railed by “red herrings” and then getting back on the “scent”.

Agatha Christie wrote over a hundred books which have been translated into all major languages.  I have read & re-read them all.  The story line of each book is more interesting and challenging than the sappy version now being mangled by TV versions that would irritate Agatha.

Here is an excerpt from the first reply I received:

My niece is an avid reader and an honors English student.  I shared your idea about reading an Agatha Christie novel and capturing the “who-done-it,” the why and what clues change the “prognosis.”  We tossed around the idea of selecting a Christie novel together to read over spring or summer break and plan to follow the steps you outlined.  She liked the idea.  I suspect my other niece, 12, might also like to join in.

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